We love the mountains and we love our homeland

We love the mountains and we love our homeland

Both of us –  Ingrid & Günther – are active Alpine tour guides, certified by the Mountain Guide Association of Tyrol. We are delighted to share our passion for the mountains with our guests and to have the opportunity to help them discover the beauty of nature that surrounds us.  Together, we created our “Total Tyrolean Project” (Günther was born and grew up in Anterselva and Ingrid comes from Strassen in neighbouring East Tyrol) thanks to our excellent knowledge of the Alpine routes and peaks of South and East Tyrol in Val Pusteria and the valleys at its sides.

Starting from the “so-called ‘must do’ objectives” and taking in memorable proposals for sites or excursions, we have prepared a series of tours for you. We are ready and able to offer you recommendations and tell you the things you absolutely must do and which excursions are absolutely not to be missed.  Naturally, we also provide you with all the kit required: the relevant books and/or maps, walking sticks, backpacks and, in winter, snowshoes.

Our personal TOP TEN

Our personal TOP TEN

Special recommendations for excursions, gastronomical and cultural tours of our land

Our land is full of cultural and culinary attractions, not to mention the marvellous views of the landscape. There are so many options for every interest and taste that there’s an embarrassment of riches to choose from. We can help by offering you our recommendations and making some special suggestions just for you!

The Anterselva Camping Site Restaurant  – with its welcoming rooms and great local cuisine. The restaurant can also be reached on a pleasant walk through the Antholz-Anterselva valley by the riverside (15 min.) The evening walk back is along an illuminated road that leads to the village.

The Dorfmüllerhof – an old-style farm with tavern in Anterselva di Sotto. Welcoming rooms. Family-run business.  Delicious local cuisine with ingredients almost entirely produced locally.  Around 2 km away.

The Jagdhausalmen Alpine huts near Valle Defereggen / Val Patscher.  The 16 stone Alpine huts date from the 13th century and are regarded as the most ancient mountain huts in all the Austrian Alps and can easily be reached on a pleasant walk through the Val Patscher or the Valle Arvental.  One shelter remains open in the summer.

In the Ladin Museum – Ciastel de Tor – you can learn some interesting facts about the history of the Ladin language, the third, smallest and, at the same time, the most ancient linguistic group of South Tyrol. Don’t miss a fascinating visit to the interactive, audio-visual museum in San Martino in Badia.

Lago di Anterselva (1640 m) and Lago Superiore (1980 m). The former is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps while the latter is the third largest lake in South Tyrol. A much loved destination and departure point for numerous excursions. Lago Superiore at the Staller Saddle is on the East Tyrol side, on the border of the National Park of Alti Tauri. It’s a real jewel of nature.

A hike on the peaks at dawn with Günther and, to finish, a typical Alpine breakfast in a mountain hut.  A very special and unforgettable tour held almost every week.

Prato Piazza in the Valle di Braies  – a plateau at 2,000 metres in the Braies Dolomites known not only for its breathtaking panorama of the surrounding landscape and its varieties of flowers, but also as the perfect destination for hikers, climbers and cyclists.   Catering is available all year round.

The Oberhof dairy in Antholz. This little dairy offers a sophisticated selection of their cheeses.  A must for cheese lovers. The dairy has a small shop.

The mountain huts of the country people of Anterselva.  Each one is unique.  The Staller mountain hut is a little village on the mountainside in East Tyrol that, for centuries, belonged to the country people of Anterselva. The Aussweger and the Hinterpassler mountain huts are open in summer. Our grandparents owned the Aussweger mountain hut.  The Steinzger or Montal mountain hut. A typical small mountain hut hidden above the lake of Anterselva, it commands a splendid view.  The Schwörz mountain hut can be seen from faraway so offers a magnificent view of the valley.  The Berger mountain hut with Alpine pasture land, long cultivated for grazing in the valley, was renovated, or to be more precise, faithully reconstructed, a few years ago. It should not be missed and not just because of the cuisine. The Kumpfler mountain hut, a typical shelter above Anterselva di Mezzo, has a stunning view. The Grenten mountain hut is regarded as the highest spot for rearing livestock in the whole valley.  It commands a unique view of the valley and the Dolomites.

The provincial museum of the customs and traditions of South Tyrol is in Tedone near Brunico.  The village museum illustrates the history, traditions and lifestyle of South Tyrol over recent centuries.